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JAKE **** Adopted ****

JAKE    **** Adopted ****

Meet our small but mighty Shih Tzu / Poodle pup,  Jake.  He is an 18 month old bundle of joy.  He is super friendly with people and loves to sit on a warm, cozy lap.  But, when he is done spreading joy to humans he is thrilled to race around the backyard chasing other pups. He doesn’t always win, but he’ll wear himself out trying.  He particularly loves other small dogs like himself.   At a whopping 18 lbs he’ll stand up and bark for all he’s worth at the big ones!  

Jake is intelligent and willing to learn new things.  No one bothered to house train him in his previous home but at his foster home he is learning quickly.  He loves being in the yard and is quickly picking up the idea of “going” outside.  The other Littles are helping him learn!

This poor tiny guy was abandoned outside a pet store.   Luckily, the owner who loves all animals, called Home at Last and asked us to take Jake.  As soon as our volunteer took the call, she went right over and welcomed this sweet little guy into her home.  When he arrived he wasn’t in very good shape with low body weight and a serious infection!  But, with great care from the vet and from his foster family  he is 100% now!   He has been neutered and vaccinated and is ready to find his forever home.  

If you are interested in this smart little bundle of fun please head to our Adopt A Dog  page and fill out an application.

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