* Black Lab mix
* 3 1/2 yrs old
* 50 lbs
* Neutered
* Vaccinated
* Healthy
* Nervous with kids
* Good with older dogs but not puppies
* Good with cats

This good looking guy is Hunter.  His exact pedigree is up for grabs but the best guess is that he is a lab cross ....... with what,  remains a mystery!   He’s a 3 1/2 year old who can be a little nervous around some dogs but who enjoys the company of cats!  And, adult humans. The same nervousness that makes him cautious with some dogs and puppies causes him to be wary of Little Humans too who make weird noises and leap out at him when he is least expecting it!   Hunter has declared his boundaries and his desire for peace and quiet.  He says, Adults Only Please!”  

He’s looking for a new home now because there are 3 very active boys in the family and if that isn’t enough they all bring their friends to visit!  It’s simply too much stress and chaos for him and with summer coming it will be worse with the kids around all day. He needs a home where he can meditate quietly, find contentment and concentrate on being chill!  

Hunter doesn’t have the crazy energy that some labs have when they are 3.  He likes going on walks, playing fetch and being chased.  But, he knows the value of zen experiences too and is often found laying down for some R & R after his daily exercise.  It helps clear his mind and relieve his tension.  He’s just a guy trying to be cool despite the turmoil around him!

Hunter is the perfect dog for one person or for a couple who value a calm, peaceful lifestyle.  He is very sweet, loving dog with his family but his personality changes when he is faced with the silly antics of young kids or young dogs or even older dogs who push the limits of his tolerance.  He has wisdom beyond his years and is like an old soul in a young body.  He will be content to sit with you, walk with you and practice yoga if you like.  But, if you lead a frantic, frenzied or feverish life style he is not for you. -  He is content to spend a few hours alone to contemplate life and he has also studied the basics of manners and will sit, stay, roll over, lay down (he likes that one) and he even comes when you call!

If you are looking for a gentle companion it could be Hunter.  He’ll need a calm family who have lots of time for him and who like peaceful walks in the forest and good books by the fireplace.  He’ll need a fenced yard too so can spend time communing with nature.  If this sounds good to you, please let us know.

Adoption Fee - $700

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