* Purebred Cocker Spaniel

* 8 yrs old

* 26 lbs

* Spayed

* Takes daily meds (very inexpensive)  for a medical condition but otherwise very healthy

* Loves people but not young children

* Good with other dogs (prefers her own size and bigger)

* Good with cats

I’m Emma and I’m a Cocker Spaniel.  Not sure if you know much about Cockers but believe me, we are totally awesome!  We’re so pupular because we’re funny, friendly and very faithful to our people.  And, our beautiful big round eyes make you melt and our fabulous floppy ears make us totally irresistible.

Since I was a puppy I’ve been really involved in looking after my people.  I hang out with them in the house and don’t let them get too far away from me .  I like to stay close - just in case they need me!  And, at night I sleep at the foot of their bed to make sure they’re safe. Sometimes when they have to go out without me to do things dogs can’t do, I don’t complain because I know they’re coming back.  It’s my job to stay home and look after our house!  To calm myself, I just do some yoga moves to focus my mind. Extended puppy is my favourite.  I always try to get enough exercise because I am a real foody.   Me and my humans walk everyday and we have regular ball time together.  I could play ball all day but I know they don’t love that ball like I do.  Ball is my very best friend and will be coming with me when I move.

My people think I may have been bitten by a tick when I was younger.  And, from that bite I developed anemia that I take medication for everyday (very inexpensive).  My vet has been really helpful to me so I’ve kept very well but I can’t ever go off my meds.   And, I never go running thru the woods - can’t take any chances on anymore tick problems.  Because of the anemia I never have to get vaccinations.  The doctor thinks I am better off without them.  The good news is, I can still meet and greet all the dogs I see.

I think you’d say that I am an easy keeper.  Other than my anemia problem I don’t have any other issues.  Oh, except I don’t really feel comfortable around small kids.  I’m good on the leash - very happy to meet other dogs and new people. I like cats, squirrels, birds - they are all good to me.   For the most part,  I’m calm and laid back - very content with my life as long as I have Ball and Food!  Did I mention -  Food?

My people, who I love and who love me, are moving to another country soon.  They talked to my vet about taking me but it’s a long way and life is very different there so they think its best if I stay.  I need a new family now who will love me and exercise and play with me and ….. make sure I get my dinner everyday!  And, my meds.

If you love Cocker Spaniels like me, please think about letting me join your family.  I will look after you, make sure you get enough exercise and let you share a ball with me.

Adoption Fee:  $500

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