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Breed Type: Boader Collie x Lab x Blue Heeler

Age: 15 months

Gender: Male

Neutered: Yes

Weight: 85 lbs

  • Dopugal is a really sweet natured boy who loves to play games such as hide and seek, catch the ball and chase around.

  • Dougal is very intuitive and affectionate. His owner says he is very tuned into his human’s emotions and seems to want to help when you are sad.

  • As is usually the case with Border Collies, Dougal is smart, quick and eager to learn.  He has no food aggression or guarding.

  • Dougal is good with kids but he can get excited and jumpougal up when the kids are playing with him.

  • He is learning not to jump up on people when he greets them and he is also learning to walk well on the leash.  He is also doing very well with coming when called.

Breed Information:

A Border Collie, Labrador, Blue Heeler mix is an intelligent, energetic and loyal companion. Typically this mix combines the Border Collie’s agility, the Labrador’s friendly nature and the Blue Heeler’s work ethic. They require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation and excell in obedience and dog agility. Their intelligence and eagerness to please make them quick learners. Friendly and social, they are great family pets.

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