* Pure bred Great Dane (no papers)

* 4 yrs old

* Male / Neutered

* 165 lbs

* Very loving with his family

* Slightly aloof with strangers (other dogs and humans)

* Likes to be an “only dog”

At a distance you might think you’re looking at a small horse but really its not a horse!  It’s Blu,  a beautiful gentle giant of a dog who is devoted to his people.  Blu, for some reason is under the misguided impression that he is a lap dog and he loves to sit close, better still -  on the knee of his people, to gaze lovingly into their eyes.  He is a lover and, truly, one of the wonders of the canine world!

Blu is an aloof sort, with strangers -  preferring to make the first move when he meets.  He isn’t the gushy type and doesn’t care for excited, exuberant greetings from people he doesn’t know.  He is much more dignified than that and prefers to be ignored so he can approach when and, if, he is ready.  

On a walk, he gets excited to greet other dogs but his intimidating size can cause fear in some people and some fear and aggression in other dogs.  So,  it’s best to have him “walk on” without a hello!   He is a peaceful soul, but he  hasn’t lost the courageousness that originally helped Great Danes fight wild boar. And one thing for sure, Blu is a natural protector and if he or his people are met with aggression, he has the size and the  power to give it back.  Luckily, he generally doesn’t look for trouble but he is not afraid of it either.

Due to a health problem with one of Blu’s family members, Covid has nearly shut the family off from the world.  Consequently, there have been very few opportunities for Blu to socialize with new people and other dogs in the last 18 months.   He has stayed home in the house and in his yard for most of the time - content to play ball and be with his people.  Unfortunately, it has cut him off from others so he will have to slowly learn again how to meet and greet new dogs and new folks.

Blu is a fabulous dog but he is not for everyone.   He is a strong boy who needs a special dog person.  Someone who is strong and experienced  and who can help him navigate his world where nearly all other dogs and many people are smaller than him, and, who often find him intimidating.  Someone who knows and understands Great Danes or other giant breeds would be perfect for him. Blu isn’t demanding and is content being with his people and playing ball at home.  So, a big, completely fenced yard is necessary to keep him happy and chill.   And, a home without other animals is best.

Unfortunately for Blu, his present living situation is not good for him.  He lives with many other dogs in a fairly small space where they have all been shut-ins together.  His very best friend is the small dog in the family.  Blu is the little ones protector.  If he perceives any kind of wrongdoing, by any of the other dogs, to the small one,  he immediately goes into protective mode causing anxiety to the pack and to the people. After a lot of consideration they have decided that before there is a serious incident,  Blu needs a home with in-door and out-door space and with humans who really know and understand giant dogs.  And, of course, with no other dogs or cats.

He is an affectionate and wonderful companion for lazy days in front of the TV, soccer games in the back yard or car rides to the country.  He just loves hanging out with his people.  He is content to be together and doesn’t demand a lot of exercise or entertaining.  He hasn’t been alone a lot but can manage some time by himself without any problems.  And, surprisingly Great Danes are not huge eaters.

But, this giant boy will  take up a huge space in your heart!