* Rough coated Chihuahua
* 8 yrs old
* 9 lbs
* Spayed
* Vaccinated
* Healthy
* Likes people and other dogs

Please meet, Baby, who really isn’t a baby anymore.  She is a Little, very respectable middle aged Lady with Big opinions about things - possibly a little set in her ways!   She’s a sweet gal who likes to live a quiet life with one or two folks and who lets everyone know that she doesn’t tolerate loud parties or shenanigans of any type.  She is a home body and loves to curl up with a good book beside her people.  She is a little suspicious of strangers and is quite particular about who comes to the door!  She regularly voices her displeasure at being disturbed!  Small dogs like Baby are in charge and she knows it!

Such Difficult times right now..... Baby’s house was sold and after an exhaustive, disappointing months’ long search for other dog- friendly accommodations the time has come when the family must move out. ` Everywhere they looked, same answer, “No dogs allowed, no matter how little or how cute.”   At the risk of everyone being homeless, the family was forced to accept a house with a “ no dogs” policy so now it’s Baby who is looking for a new home and a new family .  “Baby, Baby it’s a Wild World, It’s hard to get by on just a smile”.......

Some people might say that Baby is a bit of a Diva but it’s just that she has high standards. If she gets too tired on a walk she appreciates being carried (she’s only 9 lbs)- she doesn’t insist on being carried but she encourages it sometimes.   And, she is quite particular about the food she eats!  She really loves foods that contain Blueberries!  Oh, and she must have her veg!  She likes them frozen, raw or cooked!

She’s very lady-like out walking - after a few minutes.  At first, depending on who is on the other end of the leash she likes to let loose a little and go wild!   It only lasts for a very short time until she gets herself under control but it’s so good for her soul.  Other times, she walks perfectly at the side of the human and only goes off alone for personal reasons!

Baby takes good care of herself with a good diet, lots of sleep and some regular exercise.  She has complied with the vaccine recommendations for years!  She is healthy, never wanted any kids, has kept quite trim and regularly gets her hair and her nails done!  She enjoys meeting other dogs and even cats  but really isn’t interested in a life-in relationship.

Baby needs a loving home with no small children and no other sources of chaos or noise. Children are far too disruptive and unpredictable for her.  She’d be happy with just one human or a nice quiet couple who also like to read and who live a peaceful life.  Noise and disturbances offend her delicate nature.  And, when she is offended and affronted, she barks!  As many others these days, she has some anxieties and fragile sensibilities.

Baby will make a wonderful companion.  She will sit at your feet, on your feet, in between your feet - whatever.  And, she will sleep with you - if you don’t disturb her.  She is a little shadow and will be yours forever  - if you give her the life she needs.  

Adoption Fee - $450

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