Has Pure Bred registration papers

Ales, (pronounced E-les) is a dignified, 4 yr old Pure Bred German Shepherd. He was originally purchased by a family from a German Shepherd Dog breeder in the Williams Lake area. Being a very intelligent pup, Ales knows many German and English words and commands! In German his name Ales, means , “Defender” and He is loyal and protectIve of the people he loves.

Ales lived with the same humans for 3 years. Unfortunately, his life changed when they were no longer able to care for him. Luckily for Ales, he is being looked after now by two people who love him and want the very best for him. However, their living situation is not suitable for a (100 lb) dog to live with them permanently, so they are looking for GSD lovers who would be happy to invite him into their family. Ales loves to have room to roam and to run, so a rural home with some property or a big yard would be perfect for him. He needs to have a job and he will make sure there are no cats or squirrels or any other unwanted guests coming to visit.

Ales, like many GSD’s is a little aloof with strangers. He doesn’t dislike them but he just doesn’t make immediate, indiscriminate friendships. He takes his time to size people up and to decide whether are not they are trustworthy. He is fine with kids and does not do any guarding of toys or food.

He’s a big strong guy and should be kept on a leash while out walking. He is suspicious of other dogs and is on high alert when he’s out with his people. He pulls a little on the leash to get to other dogs but he knows how to “leave it” and will walk by (for treats) if they mind their own business too! He doesn’t like dogs who run up to him and get in his face.

In the house, Ales is well mannered and calm. He lays contentedly on the floor and likes to sleep on the floor at night too. He has sensitive skin (takes meds - approximately $20 p/m) so eats kibble and raw food and doesn’t beg for food while the humans are eating. He will get on the couch especially when he thinks no one is watching.

Ales, loves going for car rides and he loves playing “tug” or wrestling with a stick. He is happiest when he is outside and has wide open spaces to roam and explore but he isn’t accustomed to living outside alone. He needs a lot of attention, play and exercise so must be near his people.


He’d love to do agility training or tracking or play, dog specific “brain games.” He isn’t a reliable guard dog because, although he doesn’t want to be friends right away he isn’t overly bothered by strangers. But, because of his “guarding” nature, he might take umbrage if a stranger came into his home or yard when his humans weren’t home.

People with German Shepherd experience, who understand and love this breed would be perfect for Ales. His family means everything to him and he will be a devoted companion and a loyal protector.

For more pictures of Ales please go to his Instagram - alesthegreat!

Adoption Fee: $500